What Inspired Clean It Forward?

For the past 6 years, we have been inspired by Allbright Painting, its team of Painting Happiness, and their Chief Solutionist Josh Abramson to follow many of their good work practices and the way they give back to our community is very contagious. Josh and his team created a charity program that gives back to the community called Paint-It-Forward. Every year this program nominates a family in need or a non-profit organization that can’t afford their painting needs. Since discovering the Paint-It-Forward program 6 years ago we have been inspired by this program so for our 2 year anniversary we are proud to announce the launch of our own charity program, CLEAN-IT-FORWARD by Surface Busters. 

if you want to know more about PAINT-it forward, just click on the link below:

How Clean-it-forward works

We want to ask our local community to submit stories of a nonprofit organization or people they know who are in need of our deep cleaning services but can’t afford it due to difficulties in life that they may have experienced.  Once these stories are submitted, the Surface Busters team and its customers vote on the top candidates and announce the winner soon after.  The recipient receives up to $3000.00 worth of free hard surface cleaning and restoration services. At Surface Busters we not only want to improve our lives, but we want to improve the lives of others in need by giving them the clean environment that they deserve. 

Let us know a Family or Non-profit Organization in Need: 

If you know of a family, school, or other nonprofit organizations in need of hard surface cleaning and restoration and they don’t have the money to pay for it due to a difficult situation they may have experienced in life, we invite you to submit their information in the Nominee Info form on below!

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